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Flower garden

The terrace of each cottage overlooks the garden richly planted with flowering perennials. It resembles a meadow attracting butterflies. It gives a sense of intimacy and the opportunity to commune with nature, making it a perfect place to relax. Morning coffee in such surroundings tastes somehow different.
The garden delights especially after dark. Thoughtful lighting is an integral part of it. You cannot take your eyes from it.


Relaxation area with view on the lake

At the Lake Tumiańskie itself, we have prepared an additional place for you to relax. A large meadow, specially prepared for picnicking, invites you to share meals in nature.

Walks and bike rides

Miles of forests encourage to spend free time actively. We have equipped Zapach Drewna with bicycles, which you can rent for a fee and explore the area together with your family or friends. If you do not like bicycles, you are free to stroll on foot — and believe us, there are places to walk.

Zapach Drewna Restaurant

Finally! A new place on the map of exceptional restaurants surrounded by beautiful lakes and forests. Zapach Drewna Restaurant welcomes everyone who, like us, loves good food. We recommend ourselves for delicious lunches and romantic dinners.
Opening hours: 12.00 (noon) – 2.00 AM (Thursday–Sunday)

Surrounding beaches

Water bathing is an indispensable part of Warmian leisure. With beaches available within easy reach, our guests will spend time sunbathing and swimming. You are a five-minute walk from the nearest beach.


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