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As part of our Website, we use Cookies to provide you with the highest level of service, including in a manner tailored to your individual needs. Using the Website without changing the settings for Cookies means that they will be stored on your terminal device. You can change your cookie settings at any time.
2. Cookies are packages of information stored on Client’s device via the Website, usually containing information consistent with the purpose of afile, by means of which Client uses the Website — these are usually: service address, date of storing, expiry date, unique number and additional information consistent with the purpose of a file.
4. Cookies allow us to recognise your device and to display your Website accordingly, tailored to your individual preferences, to display the Website in the user’s language “remembered” through these files, as well as to use other Website settings selected by the user. Cookies usually contain the name of the Website they come from, the time they are stored on a terminal device and a unique number.
6. The Website uses two types of Cookies: Session Cookies, which are deleted permanently when Client’s browser session ends, and Persistent Cookies, which remain on Client’s device after the end of the browser session, and until they are deleted.
8. Based on — both Session and Persistent — Cookies, it is not possible to determine the identity of a Client. The Cookies mechanism does not allow any personal data to be collected. However, certain information stored in Cookies (e.g. about your preferences), especially when combined with other information about the user of Websites, may be treated as personal data. Personal data collected through the use of Cookies may only be processed for the purpose of performing certain functions for you, as described above. Such data shall be encrypted in such a way that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons.
10. Cookies of the Website are safe for Client’s device, in particular they do not allow viruses or other software to enter the device.
12. Files generated directly by the Website cannot be read by other services. External Cookies (i.e. Cookies placed by Website partners) can be read by an external server.
14. The Client may enable the storage of Cookies other than those indicated in point 3 on Client’s device in accordance with the instructions of the browser manufacturer. Failure to enable Cookies shall not render inaccessible part or all of the functions of the Website.
16. The Website uses its own Cookies for the following purposes:
b. maintaining the Client’s session;
d. configuration of the Website and adjustment of the content of the pages to Client’s preferences, such as: recognizing Client’s device, remembering settings selected by Client;
f. ensuring the security of your data and use of the Website;
h. analysis and audience research;
j. provision of advertising services.
18. The Website uses External Cookies, with the prior consent of Client expressed by selecting appropriate browser settings for the following purposes:
b. creating (anonymous) statistics to optimise the usability of the Website, through analytical tools such as Google Analytics;
d. using interactive features through social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram.
20. Client can independently change the settings for Cookies at any time, specifying the conditions for their storage, through the settings of the Internet browser or by configuring the service. Client may also delete the Cookies stored on Client’s device at any time in accordance with the instructions of the browser manufacturer.
22. Detailed information on the use of Cookies is available in the settings of the web browser used by Client.
24. In order to exercise the right of objection granted by the General Data Protection Regulation, it is necessary to log out of all devices and delete Cookies from them. The update process can take up to 48 hours.


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